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Section i - psychoanalyst practitioners

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Board of Directors

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David L. Downing, PsyD, ABPP  

Past President:

Allan Scholom, PhD   


Michael C. Klein, PhD


David L. Downing, PsyD, ABPP 

Division 39 Representative:

Albert J. Brok, PhD

Candidate Representative

Noemi Ford, PsyD

Members at-Large 

Greg Novie, PhD

Dana Charatan, PsyD

Anna Maria Baldauf, PsyD

Kyle Kermott, PsyD

Arnold Schneider, PhD, ABPP

Student Representative

Alicia MacDougall

Susana Gomez

Rebecca Moussa

Round Robin Editor

Kyle Kermott, PsyD

Central Office Administrator

Ruth Helein


Our purpose at Psychoanalyst Practitioners is to provide information that will enhance the understanding of clinical psychoanalysis, dynamic psychotherapy, and psychoanalytic theory.

We have created this website to provide opportunities for the following:

  • Education that will convey the breadth and depth of the psychoanalytic   endeavor and promote the continued development of our profession, including conferences, papers, seminars, our film series, and our study groups
  • Collegial relationships involving exchanges of information
  • Development and publicity for members’ scholarly publications, works in progress, presentations, and creative writing
  • Display of images of members’ paintings,sculpture, and photography
  • Access to member contact information, where agreed to
  • Discussion of current health care issues

    Members of Psychoanalyst Practitioners represent many theoretical orientations, as there are many psychoanalytic traditions.

    Psychoanalyst Practitioners supports respect for all theoretical models.


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    Al Brok, PhD in the news!  Section I Representative to Div. 39, Chair Section I, International Committee and Member Grupo Cineanalises Bs Aires

    Interviewed on CGTN-America - Discussion of Psychoanalysis in Argentina and the USA. 

    (click the image below to view the video)

    Section i highlights

    Join Psychoanalyst Practitioners

    Psychoanalyst Practitioners offers membership to:

    • Graduates of a formal training program, which is the clearest way to demonstrate a commitment to psychoanalysis, and represents a beginning of development as a mature psychoanalyst.
    • Practitioners who demonstrate commitment to psychoanalysis through immersion in independently arranged personal analysis, study, and supervision. This way has historical roots, as it was how many emigre analysts, both with and without a medical degree, trained the next generation.

    Read Round Robin

    The Round Robin, in existence since 1985, has been called a newsletter and an informal journal and it has elements of both. The publication allows members of Section I to be in touch with each other and to read a variety of articles on psychoanalysis including both clinical to cultural explorations.

    Read the latest edition now!

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