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Monica Carsky, PhD

Richard Hansen, PhD, ABPP

"I am so honored to be part of this beautiful Section I website.  I am not a photographer, I just like to take pictures of things that inspire me and move me.  In contributing to this project I am mindful of something my analyst once said to me regarding the fresh flowers that were always in his office, “In doing this work, patients are sometimes required to look at things that are unpleasant, so they should also have things that are nice to look at”.

Maurine Kelly, PhD

Susan Shimmerlik, PhD

Michael Zentman, PhD

"Most of my adult life has been devoted to the study and practice of psychology and psychoanalysis. Twenty-five years ago I also started a business restoring and selling mid-century modern furniture and lighting. More recently I’ve been designing and fabricating lighting and sculptural objects and, in the spirit of integrating both of my passions, I named this new venture “Transitional Objects.”

Here’s the back story: Through much of my childhood I was surrounded by tools and machinery. Over the years my father, a machinist and inventor, helped me to develop an appreciation of things industrial. While I absorbed a lot working in his factory, I did not learn how to weld or fabricate parts from raw materials. So, when I started to design and construct lighting and sculpture, I ran into what seemed to be significant obstacles: I could not construct metal objects that required welding nor could I make specific components for my projects.

Charles Eames, the mid-century modern furniture designer, once said, “Design depends largely on constraints.”  This perspective helped me to embrace my limitations.  Without the ability to weld, I have to find alternative and more creative methods of joinery. Unable to fabricate parts from raw materials, I must find existing industrial components that will serve my design objectives.

These limitations, along with early exposure to industrial arts, have shaped my work."

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